Computer Security
Technical Committee

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Main Research Topics
The Computer Security TC is interested in many aspects about Computer Security. This section summarizes the main research topics that have been covered through international pubblications by the TC members.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
    • Anomaly detection and counteraction
    • Detection of attacks against Web services (host-based and network-based)
    • IDS evasion and overstimulation
    • Information Fusion for Intrusion Detection
  • Botnets: analysis and detection
  • Pattern recognition in Adversarial Environment
  • Image Spam
  • Image and Video Forensics
    • Forgery detection and identification, detection of stenography
    • Device characterization and identification
    • Media forensic applications and attack analysis
    • Crime scene reconstruction and annotation
    • Forensic investigation of surveillance data
    • Authenticity of multimedia data
    • Signature Verification
  • Computer Forensics
    • File Fragment Classification