Computer Security
Technical Committee

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Useful Links
Here we list some useful links to important research groups, security tools and updated information for researchers and pratictioners that work on computer security. These links point you to most relevant web resources about computer security.

Suggested reading: Network Intrusion Detection: Dead or Alive?. Machine learning is the future of Network Intrusion Detection.

Research GroupsThe Computer Security Group at UCSB
International Secure Systems Lab (iSecLab)
GTISC, Georgia Tech Information Security Center
Computer and Network Security Lab (LaSeR), Universita' di Milano
Carnegie Mellon CyLab
UC Davis Computer Security Lab
Digital Security group, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
CERIAS, Purdue University
Stanford Security Laboratory
Columbia University IDS Lab
Cryptography and Information Security Group
Secure Systems Laboratory, Stony Brook University
Simson Garfinkel
AdvicesHow to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia, by David A. Patterson
Research skills, by Simon P. Jones
NewsWired Threat Level
Security Focus
Cipher Call-for-papers
Forensics Wiki
Top Cyber Security ThreatsThe Top Cyber Security Risks
Web Hacking Incident Database
Web Application Attacks
Security/Exploitation ToolsProjects at iSecLab
Packet Storm Security
Net Square
Reusable Security Tools