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14 Nov 2018ICACT 2019 : IEEE/ICACT 2019 21st International Conference of Advanced Communications Technology, Phoenix Park, PyeongChang, Korea (s), Feb 17, 2019 - Feb 20, 2019
15 Nov 2018Secu_AgeBigData 2019 : Combating Security Challenges in the Age of Big Data
15 Nov 2018BDMA-PS 2019 : Special issue of Big Data Mining and Analytics on Privacy and Security
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12 Nov 2018Insider threat protection: Strategies for enterprises
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09 Nov 2018How is Plead malware used for cyberespionage attacks?
08 Nov 2018U.S. Cyber Command malware samples to be logged in VirusTotal
08 Nov 2018Why entropy sources should be added to mobile application vetting
08 Nov 2018What is behind the growing trend of BEC attacks?
06 Nov 2018Latest Symantec acquisitions target endpoint security
06 Nov 2018PortSmash side-channel attack targets Intel Hyper-Threading
06 Nov 2018How testing perspectives helps find application security flaws
06 Nov 2018How does the public Venmo API pose a threat for users?
05 Nov 2018How deception technologies improve threat hunting, response
05 Nov 2018As PHP v5 nears its end, enterprises face serious threats
05 Nov 2018How can U2F authentication end phishing attacks?
02 Nov 2018Bleedingbit vulnerabilities put Wi-Fi access points at risk
02 Nov 2018SamSam ransomware campaigns continue to target U.S. in 2018
02 Nov 2018Kraken ransomware gets packaged into Fallout EK