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30 Nov 2015 ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, Special Issue on Internet of Things (IoT): Secure Service Delivery
30 Nov 2015JLAMP SI WWV 2015 : JLAMP - Special Issue on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems
30 Nov 2015AIP Special Issue 2015 : Journal Acta Informatica Pragensia - Special Issue on Security
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» A $10 Tool Can Guess (And Steal) Your Next Credit Card Number
» The Doctor on a Quest to Save Our Medical Devices From Hackers
» Security Manual Reveals the OPSEC Advice ISIS Gives Recruits


Survey On Cybercrime - CyberROAD Project


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24 Nov 2015Dell fixes root certificate issue reminiscent of Superfish
23 Nov 2015Lessons learned from the Adobe data breach
20 Nov 2015Securing APIs is key to countering attacks
20 Nov 2015Safe Harbor framework update in danger of capsizing
19 Nov 2015Experts: DNSSEC protocol can't be worse than certificate authorities
19 Nov 2015TechTarget Survey: IT risk management, compliance top tasks
18 Nov 2015Going dark: FBI continues effort to bypass encryption
13 Nov 2015FBI accused of paying Carnegie Mellon $1M to hack Tor network
13 Nov 2015Java vulnerability caused by unpatched open source library
11 Nov 2015November 2015 Patch Tuesday: Font handling strikes again
10 Nov 2015Bluebox tackles mobile application threats for BYOD
10 Nov 2015NSA vulnerability disclosure policy balances offense and defense
06 Nov 2015Bad news for encryption security, PKI certificate revocation
05 Nov 2015Experts: Cyber liability insurance and lawsuits set to improve security
04 Nov 2015Comparing the top Web fraud detection systems
03 Nov 2015CSIP aims to modernize U.S. government cybersecurity
03 Nov 2015Comparing the best email security gateways
02 Nov 2015CoinVault, Bitcryptor ransomware declared dead following arrests
02 Nov 2015Cryptowall 3.0 reported to cost victims $325 million
02 Nov 2015Security startups tackle the art of deception techniques