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19 Jan 2019ICAIT 2019 : 8th International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology , Zurich, Switzerland, Mar 30, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019
19 Jan 2019CDKP 2019 : 8th International Conference on Data Mining & Knowledge Management Process, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jun 29, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019
19 Jan 2019GRAPH-HOC 2018 : International Journal on Applications of Graph Theory in Wireless Ad hoc Networks and Sensor Networks
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15 Jan 2019Ryuk ransomware poses growing threat to enterprises
15 Jan 2019Updating TLS? Use cryptographic entropy for more secure keys
15 Jan 2019How was a credit card skimmer used to steal data from Newegg?
14 Jan 2019How to set up and enforce Azure multifactor authentication
14 Jan 2019How can an authentication bypass vulnerability be exploited?
11 Jan 2019Iran implicated in DNS hijacking campaign around the world
11 Jan 2019Key customer identity access management features to consider
11 Jan 2019Customer identity and access management: Why now and how?
11 Jan 2019Kaspersky Lab aided NSA hacking tools investigation
10 Jan 2019UnCAPTCHA attack updated to bypass spoken phrases
10 Jan 2019McAfee casts doubt on Ryuk ransomware connection to North Korea
10 Jan 20196 steps to how blockchain storage works
10 Jan 2019How NIST is preparing to defend against quantum attacks
08 Jan 2019Light January Patch Tuesday follows IE out-of-band security update
08 Jan 2019Marriott data breach exposed 5 million unencrypted passport numbers
08 Jan 2019Compliance with GDPR in Exchange requires extra effort
08 Jan 2019NSA to release GHIDRA open source reverse engineering tool
04 Jan 2019Cloud provider blames Ryuk ransomware for Christmas Eve attack
02 Jan 2019Tribune Publishing cyberattack raises attribution questions
31 Dec 2018Learning from 2018 cybersecurity incidents: Perform due diligence