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23 Sep 2017NeTCoM 2017 : 9th International Conference on Networks & Communications, Dubai, UAE, Nov 25, 2017 - Nov 26, 2017
23 Sep 2017IJNSA 2017 : International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications -- ERA, UGC Indexed
23 Sep 2017MathSJ 2017 : Applied Mathematics and Sciences: An International Journal
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21 Sep 2017Undisclosed SEC breach may have led to illegal stock trades
21 Sep 2017Undocumented Word feature could lead to system information theft
19 Sep 2017CCleaner malware spread via supply chain attack
15 Sep 2017DHS banned Kaspersky software from all government systems
15 Sep 2017Apache Struts vulnerability blamed for Equifax data breach
14 Sep 2017BlueBorne Bluetooth vulnerabilities affect billions of devices
14 Sep 2017Why is security for DevOps so important?
13 Sep 2017Equifax breach response deemed insufficient in multiple ways
13 Sep 2017Apple claims iPhone X Face ID has better security than Touch ID
08 Sep 2017Equifax breach exposes 143 million consumers' personal data
08 Sep 2017Apache Struts vulnerability affects versions since 2008
07 Sep 2017Dragonfly 2.0 hacker group seen targeting U.S. power grid
07 Sep 2017SHA-1 hashes recovered for 320M breached passwords
01 Sep 2017Intel kill switch ME code indicates connection to NSA
01 Sep 2017Enterprise compliance with PCI DSS is up, says Verizon
31 Aug 2017Spambot email leak compromises 711M records
29 Aug 2017Kaspersky-Russian ties still unclear, despite FBI push
29 Aug 2017The many uses of remote access services and products
29 Aug 2017Cloud-based remote access: Scenarios for success
25 Aug 2017Alleged Sakula malware attacker arrested by FBI