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25 Sep 2016PiSecon 2017 : 3rd Pirate Security Conference, Munich, Germany, Feb 16, 2017 - Feb 18, 2017
26 Sep 2016SIMA 2016 : The 1st Workshop on Security and Incentives in Mobile Applications (SIMA 2016)--Colacated with IEEE MSN 2016, Hefei, China, Dec 16, 2016 - Dec 18, 2016
26 Sep 2016HRSCPSU 2017 : Handbook of Research on Solutions for Cyber-Physical Systems Ubiquity
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» Security News This Week: Hackers Take Control of a Moving Teslas Brakes
» Hack Brief: Yahoo Breach Hits Half a Billion Users
» How Police Trace Cellphones in IEDs Like the Ones in NYC


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23 Sep 2016Yahoo breach leaves 500 million accounts compromised
23 Sep 2016FBI ransomware alert: Don't pay; report, defend against attacks
22 Sep 2016Lancope's StealthWatch FlowCollector: Security analytics product overview
22 Sep 2016Why HIPAA controls don't do enough for privacy and security
21 Sep 2016Symantec patches two more flaws after Google Project Zero discoveries
21 Sep 2016Anomaly detection in new SWIFT antifraud reports may fall short
21 Sep 2016How can security automation keep organizations protected?
20 Sep 2016FireEye Threat Analytics Platform: Product overview
20 Sep 2016Shadow Brokers' Cisco vulnerability exploited in the wild
20 Sep 2016NAND-mirroring iPhone hack would have made the FBI's job much easier
20 Sep 2016Network security alerts: Managing and overcoming obstacles
20 Sep 2016Is settling a data breach lawsuit the best option for enterprises?
19 Sep 2016Oracle acquires cloud access security broker Palerra
19 Sep 2016Are new cybersecurity products the best investment for enterprises?
16 Sep 2016Most popular exploit kits target Flash, Java and IE
16 Sep 2016Google Project Zero Prize competition set to tighten Android security
16 Sep 2016Are Conficker malware infections of ICS or SCADA systems a threat?
15 Sep 2016MySQL vulnerability disclosed, status of patches uncertain
15 Sep 2016Law enforcement hacking declared search under Fourth Amendment
15 Sep 2016Hexis Cyber Solutions' NetBeat MON: Product overview