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15 Oct 2015 Elsevier Computer Networks, Special issue on Recent Advances in Physical-Layer Security
15 Oct 2015EURASIP JIS Special Issue 2015 : Special Issue on Practicable Privacy Enhancing Technologies and Security Solutions for the Smart Grid User Domain
16 Oct 2015IJNSA 2015 : International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications -- ERA Indexed
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» Cops Dont Need a Crypto Backdoor to Get Into Your iPhone
» Matthew Keys Hacking Conviction May Not Survive an Appeal
» California Now Has the Nations Best Digital Privacy Law


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12 Oct 2015Chinese hackers arrested at the request of the US
09 Oct 2015Safe Harbor agreement invalid: Privacy win or enterprise woe?
09 Oct 2015Vigilante Team White hackers admit to infecting 300,000 devices
08 Oct 2015Five criteria for purchasing Web fraud detection systems
08 Oct 2015Cybercrime costs rising, experts say application layer needs budget
06 Oct 2015New YiSpecter iOS malware affects non-jailbroken devices
05 Oct 2015Can white-box cryptography save your apps?
02 Oct 2015Router malware may be white hat security vigilantism
02 Oct 2015As EMV adoption lags, industry remains optimistic
01 Oct 2015Experts: It's time to rethink cloud data privacy protection
01 Oct 2015Android Stagefright 2.0 affects all 1.4 billion Android devices
01 Oct 2015The CISO role's evolution from IT security to policy wonk
01 Oct 2015Choose the best vulnerability assessment tools
01 Oct 2015Study claims enterprise vulnerability remediation can take 120 days
01 Oct 2015The EMV liability shift date is here, now what?
01 Oct 2015Cybersecurity investment pays more than monetary dividends
01 Oct 2015The CISO role rises: How is it working out?
28 Sep 2015Five supporting technologies for DLP products
25 Sep 2015Google Project Zero reports more Kaspersky software vulnerabilities
25 Sep 2015OPM breach widens to 5.6 million fingerprint records